We’re on a mission to build the world’s best rewards experience! To enable everyone to travel more, create lasting memories and spread joy throughout the world.

Our Operating Principles

The way we operate, treat each other, and our customers, is at the core of what we wakeup to do each day. That's why before we wrote a single line of code, we sat down and wrote out the kind of company we wanted to create and the operating principles that would govern how we work and make decisions. We are proud of these principles and also want to operate with transparency so are sharing them with you, our community.

Deliver customer results
Business results are driven by delivering results for customers. Customers hire us to do a job, we are relentless at being the best at delivering that job. Start with the customer’s objective and work backwards. People don't want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole! Earn customer trust by proving we can deliver results.
In it together
We share in the success. Work like hell through the challenges. Learn from our mistakes. Build trust and extend grace to one another. Although we benchmark ourselves and our teams against the best, we do not accommodate assholes, no matter how talented.
Small steps, big vision
Build, measure, learn. We set grand audacious goals, but break them down to the simplest part to build momentum towards our vision for the future. We are constantly on the hunt for new ideas to bolster our product vision, good ideas come from everywhere.
We are all owners
Dive deep, no task is too small or beneath us. Owners never say “that’s not my job”. Think long term. Problems should be fixed so they stay fixed, do not send them down the line. We use company resources as if they were our own. Always act on behalf of the company and think beyond your team.
Move with urgency
One today is worth two tomorrows. Move quickly through two way doors. Pause, reflect and debate when moving through one way doors. Whenever possible, turn one way doors into two way doors. We value calculated risk taking. Disagree and commit!
Make it easy
Always ask “what would this look like if it were easy”? Don’t make customers jump through hoops. Don’t make other team members jump through hoops. Do the hard work so our customers and team members don’t have to. Simplify, simplify, simplify!
Start with “why”
Always start with the “why” and make sure people understand it. Why are we doing something? Why will customers care? Why is this the right thing for our customers and our business? Those that start with “why” have the ability to inspire others. Also ask “why” until there is nothing left to be revealed.
Have fun
We take the work seriously, while not taking ourselves too seriously. Remember to celebrate. Bring joy to your work. Build friendships. Include others. Learn from others. Share your hobbies. Take breaks. Live your best life here.